Nobody wants to make a bad career move, neither does anyone want to stagnate in a job that leads nowhere. When considering a new job, one should look at oneself through the eyes of a prospective employer. You can learn about yourself by looking at your past jobs / projects and also by being honest about your strengths and weaknesses and ‘interviewing yourself ‘.

Looking introspectively at your current and / or previous jobs or projects

  • What am I good at and what not?
  • What makes me happy and unhappy?
  • What are my achievements?
  • What motivates me?

When answering the above questions, try to gain insight into and understand how the employer sees it in terms of the running of his department and so in terms of how the owner of the company sees it. If you can understand a bit about your employer’s company, job and goals, you will automatically stand out when you are interviewed.

What is expected from you to make your employer perform well and ultimately to let the company perform well.