Java Developer Bootcamp

Our Web Developer Bootcamp constitutes the first
half of our Java Developer Bootcamp

Download a brochure of the Java Developer Bootcamp here


  • 6-12 Months
  • During the first six months, the lectured part is covered (Attendance Certificate), then it is another 6 months of projects, assignments and job interview preparation for the competency certificate. It is possible to finishe the whole course in 6 months, but normally it you have enough time and motivation

What do I need?

  • Webinar : A laptop, and a stable internet connection. The recommended minimum speed is around 10 Mbps.
  • Classroom Training : A laptop, please notify us if you are not bringing your own laptop. Please see the calendar below for the schedule


  • Code College Attendance : If you have attended 80% of the sessions and completed all the class work, you qualify for the Attendance Certificate
  • Code College Competency : If you have also completed all the additional competency projects, you qualify for the Java Bootcamp Competency Certificate
  • Oracle Certified Java Programmer (OCP) - This certificate exam is written externally, and the cost (R4500) is not included in our Bootcamp

Bursaries / Loans available



  • Oracle Part 2 of OCP Java 11 - 1Z0-819 (Exam is not included and has to be written at an international exam center
  • (Since 2021) NQF5 - Systems Development (For MICT-SETA Granted Students) Privately funded students have to pay extra for any NQF assessments (131 credits)


  • You should be on the level of our Intro To Programming Course before entering this Bootcamp. The Intro To Programming Test will indicate if you need to the Intro To Programming Course first.

Who will benefit

  • School leavers intending to get into the job market

What you will learn

  • Mastered Python and gained the competencies as noted in the Python Module.
  • Mastered SQL and gained the competencies as noted in the SQL Module.
  • Mastered React and gained the competencies as noted in the React Module.
  • Putting everything together to build full-stack apps with a React Front-End and a Python or any API Back-End
  • Use Git / Github as a collaboration and software tracking tool
  • Develop various apps utilising popular API's or your own Python Backend and Databases like MySQL, Firebase
  • Mastered Java language to be able to prep for the international Oracle OCP I exam, and also OCP II (although recommended to do a while after OCP I)
  • Mastered Java and be able to build various internationalised Java apps with databases (JDBC), front-ends like Java FX, Swing
  • Mastered Spring Framework to build enteerprise-grade applications that utilise various popular modules of Spring 5, like REST API, Data, Security, OAuth, JWT, SAML and more
  • Putting everything together to build full-stack Java Spring apps with a React / Angular Front-End

Guaranteed Employment

  • Java Developer Intern
  • You are placed at our Consulting Partner, Compuways, as a Java Developer Intern while preparing for international exams and/or job interviews
  • 100% Success Rate - so far no one that passed our competency certificates and the Oracle Exam is unemployed


    Summary Pricing:
  • Java Bootcamp (pre-paid) : R75 000 (normal price of individual modules together is R90 000)
  • Java Bootcamp (monthly) : R7500 x 12 = R90 000 + financing charges as it is done via a financing partner


  • Due to the coronavirus we are making classes smaller and have more intakes. We have an four cohorts per year. We also have more students doing the entire bootcamp from home - our live webinars and social media collaboration has proved to be very efficient during Covid lockdowns

Part One


Master Python as a programming language to connect to databases, use data structures and publish API's for use by anyone. Also touch on the use of Python in Data Science and AI libraries.

Part Two


Master SQL as a querying language to connect to databases. Design normalised databases, with and without UML modelling tools. Also master reverse engineering modesl from Database Schemas.

Part Three


Master React as a programming language to develop rich front-ends connecting to API's or to build standalone apps that are responsive, multi-paged, utilise own databases like Firebase (Non - SQL) or SQL-based

Part Four

Java Beginner (OCA)

Master Java at a beginner level to build a solid foundation from which to continue. Gain competencies to solve small problems related to data-structures, algorithms and OO. Be able to prepare for your Oracle OCA exam or the first half of your Oracle OCP exam. Various assignments and projects follow the classroom (syllabus) portion of this module with the aim of competency building.

Part Five

Java Advanced (OCP)

Master Java at an advanced level to build a solid foundation from which to continue. Gain competencies to solve problems related to data-structures and databases and rich front-ends like Java FX. Be ready to prepare for your Oracle OCP exam. Various assignments and projects follow the classroom (syllabus) portion of this module with the aim of competency building.

Part Six

Spring Framework

Mastering the Spring Framework 5 to build enterprise-grade applications that utilise various popular modules of Spring 5, like REST API, Data, Security and more.

Part Seven

Job Prep

During this phase we build our portfolios even more by doing more projects and interview-grade apps. We also apply for jobs and prepare for interviews at Code College / Compuways Clients

Why Us?

What distinguishes us?

  • We are deeply entrenched in the IT Industry since 1990. Compuways, our founder company was then establiches as an IT Consulting and Recruitment Company and are part of our coding Bootcamp as an internship provider and recruitment agency.
  • Our Bootcamp is focussed on compatencies required by employers. We work closely with employers to gain feedback on the biggest skill demands in the industry
  • Our classes are small - you are sure to get enough support when working on projects and assignments
  • We encourage collaboration amongst our students and have set up structures to ensure students collaborate as well as work individually
  • Internationaly syllabus - our Oracle Certification syllabus ensure that you are ready to study and pass the international exam in Java by Oracle. We support you throughout your studies to assist you with exam preparation
  • Bootcamp Syllabus - We align and collaborate with international partners in ensuring our content are right up date with international standards
  • Job Interview Support - we prepare your CV and do support you in preparing for interview tests
  • Clients : Our students are placed with well-known companies in the IT industry, by ourselves (Compuways IT recruitment) and other recruitment agencies
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