With the proliferation of internet job sites, some employers have decided to do more of their own recruitment in-house. This did often do not result in saving costs. To the contrary – more costs were often incurred e.g on hiring more people for the team. The variety and quality of candidates obtained also did not really improve.

Partnering with an independent, specialist IT recruitment agency like Compuways, provides the desired service at a lower costs because:

  • Our clients have full-access to our on-line recruitment database (not a job-site)
  • Candidates often come to us before they go on big job sites
  • Candidates are comfortable with our independent brand, established for 20 years
  • Working very closely as one team builds speed an efficiency
  • Our recruitment system can be integrated with your system further streamlining the process
  • Our business model is designed to cut costs of placement fees up to 50% of the market related fees