There is a huge demand for Software Developers. The skills shortage in 20010/11 was estimated to be 75 000.
Forecasts predict a growth in demand for software developers, especially Web Developers.

Here is how we help you to find employment. 

You need to show employers out there that you can do it. 


Employers are not only impressed by course certificates – they also want to see that you can solve a business problem with your skills – and they want to see how you do it! You will be surprised at how many students come here and complain about the big brand colleges that charge R75k per year and offer no project assistance to their students! After completing a year of studying, they feel like they have nothing to show and they have no confidence either! We have a weekly open support evening at no extra cost to all our students in which you can come in and ask questions about your course and specifically your project. Your project makes the difference between a normal academic qualification or not.

Having a recruitment agency, Compuways in the group we strive to find a job for all our unemployed students. We do not do this for corporate students as a matter of client loyalty. We also include you in our marketing efforts and have a special page on Compuways’s website.

That is why we encourage you to follow our methodology which results in an international certification and/or proper project to show to potential employers.

Requirements and Recommended level of enrollment:

 Required qualifications or experience

 Course  Practical Skills
No Matric with Mathematics?


Web Design

Build an HTML  Website

Design great looking websites like a pro

Courses in previous row or
Other tertiary training courses or
Matric with Mathematics (fresh) or
Degree without IT Subjects and no IT Project

 Introduction to Computer Programming – Build an array based pricelist and invoice system
– Build a basic HTML Website

Introduction to Computer Programming

or similar

PHP Beginner
Build a database driven website with :
– Customer Registration
– Management ad products and moderate customers,
– Mailing list management
– Security
PHP Beginner

PHP Advanced

You are employable now and employers will now take note of you. We will start marketing you via our recruitment partner, Compuways, if you are a private student.

Expand your database driven website to include
Multiple table database design
User profiling for personalisation
User registration
Eliminate duplicate code
Collecting data to learn more
Using more powerful PHP functions and expressions
Using Dynamic graphics to make your site attractive
Using Web Services to communicate with other web sites

Either Java or .NET can now be chosen

You may consider more training like
Web Design,
at this stage

BSc Computer Science with a practical project or
Practical work experience in any IT Development sector or previous training (comparable to Intro to Programming) with a solid practical project or demonstrated practical ability.

Beginner Java


Advanced Java


SCJP Workshop

Beginning JEE

MCITP Exam Workshop

Too good to be true? – Read our success stories and PHP success stories .