The IT industry consist of IT Companies and Non-IT Companies. Companies who’s main product line is IT Services / products, and Companies who’s main product line is not IT, but they buy and use IT products / services from IT Companies.

We have placed these two types of companies on our websites in different categories to sub-categorise the skills in each. In IT Companies we find the position of a ‘Consultant’ a lot. For example a SAP Consultant in an IT Company will work next to a similarly educated person in a non-IT Company but the nature of a consultant’s job is so much more different than that of the ‘Business Analyst’, that we do have to distinguish between the two.

A Consultant spends his time at client sites, performing an advisory role, whereas an in-house Business Analyst’s main priority is the business of his own company. It is often said that a consultant must be prepared to ‘live out of his car’s boot’.

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