Artificial Intelligence / Data Science / Cyber Security Bootcamp

Learn Artificial Intelligence / Data Science / Cyber Security, the latest

Learn Artificial Intelligence / Data Science / Cyber Security, the latest skills in the IT Industry

First learn the tools to help yourself

Then how to apply the tools to learn Cyber Security

Our Artificial Intelligence / Data Science / Cyber Security Bootcamp is perfect for:

  • Junior programmers who just finished our Java Software Engineer Bootcamp, eager to start a rewarding career in a field that is growing in demand.
  • Career changers who enter the software industry for the first time, who just finished our Java Software Engineer Bootcamp and interested in the AI / Data Science / Cyber Security fields. You might want to take this skill back to your company or make a career change into a new company
  • Programmers familiar with other languages, looking to upgrade their skillset for increased job opportunities.If you can prove that your level is already at our Web Developer level, there will be a discount if you want to skip our Web Developer Bootcamp

AI / Data Science / Cyber Security is becoming more important with the exponential growth in IT Systems

Invest in your future with Code College's 4IR Bootcamp, make the latest skillsets your own.

Pre-Paid Price

With Java Software Engineering Bootcamp : R157 195


Full-time only: 9-12 months


Part-time: you can start anytime (once a month)
13 May or 1 July (Intro) -> then continue with the Coding Bootcamp on 15 July 2024
8 Jan 2025 / 12 Feb 2025 (Intro) -> then continue with the Coding Bootcamp on 26 Feb 2025

Finance Available


Onsite or Online



  • You should have passed our Java Bootcamp before entering this Bootcamp.
  • Laptop / PC requirements are: at least a modern generation Intel i5 level CPU with 8Gb of RAM and Windows Pro (needed for virtual imaging apps like Docker)
  • A good, stable internet connection of at least 10 Mbps, at home. If you work from home on your assignments, you will need at least 50-100Gb of data per month

Who will benefit

  • Software developers who want to explore the various areas of application of their skills, like Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Cyber Security


  • 4-6 months


  • Pre-paid: R62 500 (pre-paid)


  • Attendance : If you have attended 80% of the sessions and completed all the class work, you qualify for the Attendance Certificate.
  • Competency : If you have also completed all the practical projects as described the Outcomes section, you qualify for the Competency Certificate.


Bursaries / Loans available

What you will learn

  • SQL
  • Python
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Applied Information Security

What's next?

  • The focus areas are given below, SQL, Python, Data Science, Applied Information Security, Cyber Security
  • Every module consists of a core subject module 25%, and 75% of additional practical projects with a strong teamwork component
  • Teamwork skills are importand, expecially when more and more software developers nowadays are employed remotely
  • Our students are working in teams from day one and all our cassroom classes are accessible to our remote students with interactive participation
  • After the focus modules are completed, we enter the Job Prep Phase
  • We recommend that students without a degree or some previous employment history on their CV's should rather continue with the Java Bootcamp before entering the Job Prep phase
  • In the job prep phase we groom you for the job market by doing CV preparation, interview tests and applying for jobs

What kind of jobs can I apply for?

    You can apply for the following positions at a junior level after completing the 4IR Bootcamp:
  • AI Developer
  • Data Analyst
  • Cyber Security Analyst

How to Apply?

Download this page


Learn SQL and how to apply it in a software development team

Click here to see the SQL content


Click here to see the Python content

Data Science with R

Click here to see the Data Science content

AI / Machine Learning

Click here to see the Machine Learning content

Applied Info Security and Security +

Applied Information Security

Click here to see the Cyber Security Course content

Content is in progress - watch this space!


Our Pricing Options

Option 1

Pre-paid: R94 500 (pre-paid)
Full price: R99 995 : 12 monthly payments

Option 2

Twelve monthly payments of R8400 each = full price of R99 995 000

Option 3

Monthly payments to your budget. Explore affordable finance as low as R990 per month over up to 84 months. Terms and conditions apply.

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