Scratch Junior

Intended Audience

  • Age Group 7-10 years old

What do I need?

  • Live Online Training : A laptop, and a stable internet connection. The recommended minimum speed is around 10 Mbps.
  • Grade 1 reading literacy
  • Grade 1 maths literacy


  • A progress report will be issued after each module like this module.
  • After all modules were completed, and the assessments passed, a Competency Certificate will be issued


  • 1 School Term (1 session per week, over a 10 week period)


  • Know the tools and terminology used in the Scratch Junior Environment
  • Know the instructions and sequencing for breaking up a small story in steps.
  • Perform stories with motion blocks.
  • Creating characters in a story, setting scenes.
  • Setting and modifying speed in stories and animation.
  • Know how to use messaging and broadcasting.
  • Design and create stories and games.


Lesson 1 - Introduction

  • Get to know your lecturer
  • Download and install the right application
  • Learn how to use the meeting platformLearning the layout of Scratch Jr
  • Write your first basic script


Lesson 2 - Let's Move it

  • Throw a dance party!
  • Picking a background and some sprites of your own
  • Get to know all movement codes in Scratch Jr
  • Specific movement and using the grid
  • Turning around and using rotation codes


Lesson 3 -Run and Hide!

  • Using the entire purple palette and set speed codes
  • Programming “The Wizard” to disappear and reappear
  • “Change The Pace”
  • Activity: The Big Race (Designing and programming your own race)


Lesson 4 - Wait Your Turn

  • Using the “Wait” code and creating your first basic story
  • Stop and Look
  • Turning the Page
  • Programming dialogue between sprites
  • Making 2 or more sprites interact


Lesson 5 - Build a Snowman!

  • Creating your first sprite
  • Creation screen layout and terminology
  • Learn how to design characters and objects that can be used in your game/story
  • Try it out and be creative
  • Add the snowman to your story and make him talk


Lesson 6 - Make your own Sprite

  • Using what we have learnt in the previous lesson to make your own, original sprite.
  • Testing creativity, designing and executing skills.
  • Conceptualising the design


Lesson 7 - Pick A Peach

  • Creating your first interactive game
  • Using “Start on tap” codes
  • Basics of broadcasting and messaging between sprites
  • Make the game more challenging


Lesson 8 - Blast Off!

  • You will be shown the final result of this program and then figure out how to program it by yourself
  • Use all the skills you have learnt up to this point.
  • Expanding your horizons of programming in Scratch Jr
  • Be creative and make the program even more interesting


Stage 9 & 10 - Games! Games! Games!

  • In the last two lessons we will be creating 3 different games
  • All 3 of these games will entail teaching the student all the codes we have not learnt yet.
  • Game 1: Tag! Learning how to use the “Start on Bump” code
  • Game 2: Odd One Out
  • Game 3: Creating an interactive maze.

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